#032. Fotokunst voor Ziekenhuizen

Gepubliceerd op 26 februari 2023 om 11:11

The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals

Sinds deze week is mijn werk ook bij 'The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals" te bekijken. Hopelijk brengt mijn fotokunst veel mensen warme lichtpuntjes van troost. Onderstaand de reactie van Elaine Poggi, oprichtster van deze stichting.


Welcome to our new Contributing Photographer, Nanda Bussers, from the Netherlands!

Nanda comments, “Thank you Elaine Poggi for inviting me to contribute to the mission of The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals. I sincerely hope my nature photographs capturing some little snowdrops will be a valuable asset in the collection.

The mission of The Foundation is perfectly aligned with my personal drivers behind my company “Comfort Art”. With my Photo Art I hope to offer comfort and give warmth in those more difficult times that everyone has or will experience, as well as to create a positive moment (of time) in a person’s life.

When I recently discovered The Foundation on the Internet, I’ve immediately send an email to Elaine Poggi with a selection of my nature photos. Elaine responded quickly and very welcoming to the emails. Hopefully my Photo Art can give healing and comfort to many others throughout the world, as it already did in the Netherlands.”

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